September 29, 2021

With exclusive Swiss quality, tradition and the striving for improvement, Maxolen always has its finger on the pulse and has stood for proven premium chemistry and 1A professional service since 1960.

Due to the new coronavirus pandemic and the exponential increase in demand for disinfectants and hygiene products, Maxolen has also been running extra shifts and weekend work in production for weeks. However, this is not enough for the acute demand from home and abroad. “We have therefore decided to allocate our production capacity entirely to the domestic market and to align the supply chain as much as possible to the increasing demand and to supply the Swiss population, customers and consumers in the best possible way,” explains Dersim Stein, Owner and CEO at Max Lehner AG (Maxolen). “Despite massively rising market prices and restrictions in the procurement of raw materials and packaging, we have kept our prices at an adequate level and have not increased them; this means that we are currently continuing to operate at favourable prices without passing them on to customers,” says Stein. Highly remarkable is also the special circumstance that certain companies have boasted in the press that their prices are almost twice as high as those of their competitors and that they do not have high margins. Absurd prices of third-party suppliers on the internet for end consumers as well as sometimes considerable supply costs of pharmacies, which conditionally go hand in hand with the manual and helpfully laborious self-production and filling, illustrate the extent to which shortages in the supply chain can open up for consumers. This is indeed a worrying state of affairs that must be countered as best as possible. “Showing the flag here is very important to Maxolen. Supporting the Swiss population with Maxolen products in the fight against Corona or a challenging influenza pandemic is and remains a special concern for Maxolen,” says Stein and continues: “The full utilisation of production capacity is currently shared by hand soap in second place next to disinfectants, followed by cleaning agents for professional use, as public institutions have generally increased cleaning cycles in order to prevent or inhibit the breeding ground for pathogens as much as possible.” In particular, high-traffic public spaces and surfaces are cleaned more frequently and currently more thoroughly, such as escalator belts, high-contamination surfaces like knobs, seats, handles and toilets. But also operators of means of transport and also the garage industry in service to this are responding to the situation with extended cleaning and hygiene efforts. Soap is also an effective alternative in the protection and fight against the Corona virus, but sometimes it takes some time longer for it to do its chemical work on hands. Therefore, hygiene experts recommend frequent hand washing and, when washing hands, soaping them thoroughly for as long as possible (30 seconds). Maxolen G460 with BAG approval and current recommendation on the official BAG list of approved disinfectants for combating influenza and coronaviruses. Hygienic disinfection. 3-fold effective. Bactericidal, fungicidal and limited virucidal. Skin, hands and surfaces. Safe for food contact. Aldehyde-free. Officially approved disinfectant to combat influenza and corona viruses (BAG listing). Furthermore, Maxolen offers an effective alternative to disinfectants with its G450 hand soap. The liquid soap offers a higher standard of hygiene thanks to its strong washing power. Thanks to selected care substances, the G450 hand soap is also suitable for frequent hand washing.

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